Price Checks and On-Hand Quantities

Checking for Price and Instock Quantity in RepairQ

Need to check the price of an item or see your current oh-hand quantity? Users can check this information no matter where they are in the system and without interrupting their current workflow.



1. On the right side of the RepairQ Navigation Bar, click the Price Check button.



2. A Price Check pop-up window will appear. In the Search Box, you can type in a Keyword/SKU/UPC/Serial Number, then select a location to search. You can search any location where you have a role assigned. Click the Search button to submit.



3. Your search results will provide item information including the location, Instock quantity, Price, and Price+Tax.


Note: The Cost of items can be hidden. See Hiding Cost on VCT/Price Check for additional information.


4. Clicking the Catalog Item link will take you to the Inventory Summary for the item.

Alternatively, click the button to close the window and return to your previous page.




START 1.18.X

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