Emailing a Receipt to a Customer

Sending a Receipt to a Customer via Email

If you have attached a customer to a ticket, and there is an email in their profile, you are able to email a receipt to them from their ticket. For additional information related to customer emails, check out the below articles:

Creating a Customer Profile

Managing Customer Profiles

Automated Notifications



1. Create a ticket or look up a ticket. You can also navigate to Tickets -> Ticket Queue and filter for the ticket from which you would like to email a receipt.




2. When viewing the ticket, there are action buttons below the Search Bar. If the customer has an email address in their profile, click the Email Receipt button to send a receipt to their email address. 



You will receive a notification that the email was successfully queued.



3. You can check your outgoing notification queue from the Navigation Bar. Go to Reports -> Notifications.



4. On the Notifications Summary page, you can see a queue of all outgoing notifications. There are columns to help you identify the type of notification, which address the notification was sent to, the recipient, the status, and more. Notifications marked as New are still pending and can be canceled by clicking the red X under Actions.



Note: There is a short delay when sending out notifications. You can extend this delay for Automated Notifications.



START 1.18.X


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    Paco Rodriguez

    Can you send to multiple recipients? If so, how do you separate the email addresses?

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