Ticket Properties: Assigning Tickets to Users

Tickets can be assigned to any staff member. This is useful both for users and for managers to keep track of their open tickets, as well as their closed ticket history.


Assigning a Ticket to a User

1. Using the Navigation Bar, go to Tickets, then select Repair.



Note: Alternatively, you can go to Tickets -> Ticket Queue, then select the Add Button ( + ) to add a Repair Ticket.


2. At the top of the Ticket Edit page, select a user from the Assignee dropdown menu.



3. At the bottom of the Ticket Edit page, select the desired ticket status to either save or close the ticket.



4. This will take you to the Ticket View page, where you can see the Ticket Assignee on the left-hand sidebar.



Finding Tickets Assigned to Specific Users

The Ticket List View can also search and return results filtering for one or multiple Assignees.

1. Using the Navigation Bar, go to Tickets -> Ticket Queue.



2. Select +Filter.



3. Select Assignee.



4. Select any assignees you would like to search for in the dropdown, and remove any you want to exclude.



5. Click the Apply button.



RepairQ will return results based on that assignee. Note that it will also take into consideration the other filters that are set by default, or those that you have added to the list view, such as the date, location, and ticket statuses. This means that some tickets, for instance those that are done by the assignee but at a location excluded from the search, may not be returned in the list of results.

If you would like to remove the filters and return to the selected list view, click Reset.



Changing Ticket Assignees

Sometimes, an existing ticket may need to be assigned to a different user. From the Ticket Edit page, you can change the Assignee with ease.


1. Starting from a Ticket View page, select the pencil-shaped Edit button near the top of the page.



2. On the subsequent Ticket Edit page, use the Assignee dropdown menu to select a new assignee, then select Save at the bottom of the page to submit the change.





START 1.18.X

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