How To: Look Up a Customer

You can lookup a customer by their first name, last name, and phone numbers.

There are two ways to lookup customers:


  • The quick customer search next to the price check button


  • The customer page



Filters and keywords will be your biggest tools on this page.


You can set a filter to search for customers by Location, Referral, or Segment, or you could set the filter to look for Deleted Customers.


By adding keywords, you can search for a customer's name, phone number, company, customer loyalty ID, or email.


After all desired filters and keywords have been entered, click "Apply", and a list of customers matching the information will be returned.


Note: If you have entered information that singles out a single customer result, when you apply the filters you will be taken directly to that individual customer's profile.

If you would like to clear any entered filters and keywords and start a new search, simply click the "Reset" button to the right of those filters and keywords.



TIP: If you are trying to lookup a customer's ticket it is quicker to use the ticket search


Depending on the specificity of your search, there may be multiple pages of results. You can change the view count of your results from 20 to 50, or even to 100 results per page. Additionally, you can change the page you are on using one of two methods: Choosing the specific page of results you would like to view, or using the "forward" and "backward" arrows to navigate through those pages.


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