How To: Lookup a customer

You can lookup a customer by their first name, last name, and their phone numbers.

There are two procedures to lookup customers:


  • The quick customer search next to the price check button
  • The customer page


The "Filters" sidebar will be your biggest tool on this page. You can filter by searching name or phone number, their workplace company, their customer loyalty ID, their email, or the location where there customer profile was created. After all desired filter fields have been entered, click "Apply Filters" to see your results. To reset these filters, click the "Reset Filters" button in the Filters sidebar.

You may also filter your results by any of the fields in the customer view page. such as filtering by "ticket count", "last ticket date", or phone number. Click on the category you would like to sort by ascending order, and click again to view the results in descending order.

TIP: If you are trying to lookup a customer's ticket it is quicker to use the ticket search


 Depending on the specificity of your search, there may be multiple pages of results. Click "Next" or "Previous" to take you to those pages. Clicking directly on a page number will take you to that page of results. You can change the number of customer results per page by changing the "view" field.


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