How To: Look up a Ticket

There are a few ways you can look up existing tickets:

If you know the ticket number:


  1. Enter the ticket number in the "jump to a ticket" field at the top (next to the inventory and customer search)
  2. Press enter
  3. If the ticket number exists it will open up the ticket view screen for that ticket number

If you don't know the ticket number you can search for a ticket by the customer's name, phone numbers, and the serial number for any devices attached to the ticket.


  1. Go to the tickets index page (click on tickets in the menu at the top)
  2. In the "Filters" sidebar on the left, search for the ticket in the field labeled "Ticket/Customer/Device." Search by one of the following:
    1. customer name
    2. phone number
    3. serial number of a device
  3. You should see a list of tickets that match your search in the table to the right. Keep in mind that it is searching for all of the following at the same time:
    1. ticket number
    2. serial number
    3. phone number
    4. customer first name
    5. customer last name



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