Searching for Tickets

Users can search for tickets by using either the Global Search Bar or by searching the Ticket Queue. Though not required, we recommend attaching a customer to a Quick Sale ticket to ensure there is an established history for returns and warranties, as well as provide tickets with additional data that can be searched by keyword.

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How to Look Up an Existing Ticket via the Global Search Bar



Select the Ticket category, then enter your search term and click Go.

  • You can search ticket information by:
    • Ticket Number
    • Customer First/Last Name
    • Customer Phone Number [in (###) ###-#### format]
    • Customer Email Address
    • Device Serial Number
  • If searching by ticket number, you will be taken directly to the ticket.
  • If searching by customer/device details, you will be taken to the Ticket Queue screen with filtered results based on your keyword.

Ticket Queue Search



First, navigate to Tickets -> Ticket Queue. Next, use filters and keywords to search the queue.

After you have entered one or more of the above search parameters, click Apply to search for results. You should see a list of tickets that match your search in the table.

In this example, we searched for a customer named Valued Customer and filtered for tickets in Closed status.



You can see that the Status and Customer columns match our search. From the list of results, you can look for the ticket you are looking for and click the ticket number on the far left column to go directly to that ticket.




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