How To: Start a repair, with a deposit

To start a repair, you need to create a new repair ticket.


  1. In the menu at the top, hover over tickets and click the "+Repair" button
  2. Search for an existing customer to attach, or create a new customer on the spot
    1. You only need to put in the first and last name, and their primary phone # to save a new customer entry
  3. Click the "add new device" button
  4. This will open up the "Add Customer Repair Device" form
    1. Select the item type (e.g. phone)
    2. Select the manufacturer
    3. Select the catalog item, this is usually the device model
    4. OPTIONAL: select the carrier for the device
    5. OPTIONAL: enter a description for the device
    6. OPTIONAL: enter the serial number for the device
  5. Enter diagnostic notes for the device (e.g. "water damage")
    1. OPTIONAL: check off the components the customer is leaving with you (SIM card, battery, case, etc)
    2. OPTIONAL: record where the phone is physically located (e.g. "In posession" in "Bin 6"
    3. OPTIONAL: set a not-to-exceed estimate for the customer. This will give you a warning if your ticket total exceeds this amount
    4. OPTIONAL: set a promised-on date and time for the customer. This will give you a warning if you do not close your ticket before the promised on date
  6. Click "save" on the "Repair Devices" section
  7. Click the "Add Ticket Item" button, OR scan an item into the "Quick Add" field and press enter to add it. Pro tip: you can press the ~ key on your keyboard to highlight the field
    1. In the "Add a Ticket Item Manually" form:
    2. Select the item type (e.g. Service)
    3. Start searching for the name of the item, and from the results that show click the item you want to add to the ticket.
  8. When you are done adding ticket items, click the "Add transaction" button
  9. This will open up the "Add Customer Repair Device" form
    1. Select the payment method
    2. OPTIONAL: If the payment is a credit card, we recommend putting the last 4 digits on the card into the "ref number" field
    3. Enter the deposit amount
    4. Click "Submit Payment"
  10. OPTIONAL: assign the ticket to a staff member (left sidebar)
  11. Click one of the blue buttons at the bottom to save the ticket. Depending on your business, they will have different names. Ask your manager about it.
  12. If the ticket saved successfully, you will now be on the ticket view screen, where you can view the details and print receipts.
  13. To print a ticket for the customer: Look for the blue printer icon button and click on it (top right)
  14. To print a label for the ticket devices: Look for the blue QR Code button and click on it (top right)
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