How To: Stock/Sell a Backordered Item Without a Purchase Order

Whenever you add an inventoried item to a ticket while you have zero in stock, it will add it as a backordered item. When you save the ticket, it will create an inventory item with the status of "Back Ordered." To close or progress the ticket, you will need to show that you have ordered the item and stocked/sold it. If you utilize the Purchase Order feature, reconciling a PO with the backordered item will show a list of backordered items that  were automatically fulfilled by this PO. If you have multiples of the same backordered item, the PO will fulfill older tickets first.


There are a number of ways to manually "stock" a backordered item.

From the ticket:


  1. View the ticket with the backordered item
  2. Click on the magnifying glass next to the item name.


  3. In the modal that appears, click on "view item inventory". This will take you to the inspect page for that inventory item.


  4. Click on "Edit Item".


  5. Fill out the form accordingly
    1. to "sold" if you have already used/given the item to the customer.
    2. to "pulled" if you have not yet used the item but you want to reserve it for the ticket.


  6. Save the form. Now you will be able to progress or close the ticket.



From Inventory Summary:

You can find items that are backordered in a few ways. See How to: Check for items that require reordering for how to do it. For this example, we will be looking for the item by going to Inventory Summary and using the filter, Inventory Focus: Back Order.

  1. When you find the item you want to stock, click the vertical ellipsis under the Actions column to access the Actions Menu.


  2. Click on the "Add" button in the Action Menu to restock.


  3. Fill out the form accordingly. In this case, make sure the status of the item is Instock.


  4. Save the form, and return to edit the ticket.
  5. Once editing the ticket, remove the old backordered item by hitting the red "x" on its line to the right.


  6. In the modal that appears, list the status as voided.


  7. You can then re-add the now Instock item to the ticket and proceed with the ticket process as normal.





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