How To: Transfer a ticket to another location

If you have more than one location then you have the ability to transfer tickets between locations.


  1. Navigate to the tickets index page (click the tickets link in the main navigation at the top)
  2. Look in the table of tickets for the ticket you need to transfer
  3. Click the ticket transfer button to open the transfer form
  4. Select the location to transfer the ticket to and save the form.
When you complete a transfer the ticket it will automatically add an important note to the ticket so that it is easy for everyone to see that the ticket was transferred. On the ticket view screen you can also see where the ticket originated (in the summary section).
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    Alicia Wiggin

    Can we get this transfer button on the screen for each individual ticket? 

    A location with many open tickets will find it hard to sort through the table of tickets to find the one they need to transfer.

    Currently, if you use the search bar to find the ticket, only a manager could change the location through the black gear box. 

    It would be good to have the airplane transfer button (which is available to all employees) at the top of each ticket along with the other options.

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