Transferring a Ticket to Another Location

Transfer Tickets Between Locations on the Same Database

Stores with multiple locations on the same database have the ability to transfer a ticket to another location. Users with the Sales role or higher can perform this task. Separately, Admins also have the ability to manually update the location of a ticket through Ticket Properties, however, RepairQ will not create an important note of the transfer as in the standard transfer process.



Transferring Via Ticket Queue

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Tickets -> Ticket Queue.



2. On the Tickets page, scan the list of recent tickets or use filters to find the ticket you would like to transfer. Once you have located it, click on the Options button under the Actions column next to the entry.



3. Under the list of options, click Transfer.


4. A Ticket Transfer pop-up will appear. Select the location/destination of the ticket transfer. Optionally, select an assignee for the ticket and add any transfer notes. When you are satisfied with your selections, click Transfer Ticket.



5. After submitting the transfer, you are taken to the Ticket Edit screen for the ticket you transferred. At this point, you can Save the ticket.



6. When you complete the transfer, RepairQ will automatically note the ticket and mark it as important. This allows staff to see that the ticket was transferred.

On the Ticket View screen, you will see the highlighted note as well as the ticket's origin location (the house icon) and the ticket's current location (drop pin icon).




START 1.18.X

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    Alicia Wiggin

    Can we get this transfer button on the screen for each individual ticket? 

    A location with many open tickets will find it hard to sort through the table of tickets to find the one they need to transfer.

    Currently, if you use the search bar to find the ticket, only a manager could change the location through the black gear box. 

    It would be good to have the airplane transfer button (which is available to all employees) at the top of each ticket along with the other options.

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