RepairQ: An Overview

RepairQ is a system designed specifically for tech repair businesses. The system will function as your repair tracking tool, point of sale, inventory system, and more.

If you are a sales rep (CSR) or bench tech (tech) you will probably spend most of your time on the "tickets" page. Tickets are where most of the action happens in RepairQ. Tickets are where you sell items to the customer, and where you record and track repairs. We have three types of tickets in RepairQ:

  1. Quick Sale - if all you need to do is sell something, use this ticket
  2. Repair - if you are performing a repair, use this ticket. You will also be able to sell items on a repair ticket
  3. Tradein - if you are purchasing something from the customer, use this ticket. You will also be able to sell items on a tradein ticket

You will only be able to login to the system from locations that your manager (or the system admin) allows. The system also keeps a record of everything you do, so managers can track down who did something, and when.

If you need to figure out how to do something, look on the tutorials page in the application (in the footer). You can also search for help articles on this support site, or using the orange "feedback and support" button at the bottom left of your application.


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