Stocking your initial inventory using a purchase order

Initially stocking your inventory is an important first step that should be done the night before or morning before your store switches over to RepairQ. See RepairQ Setup and Timeline for a complete schedule to follow when setting up RepairQ in your store.

There are currently three ways to stock inventory items in RepairQ:

  1. Stocking one inventory item at a time using the "Restock" button on the inventory screen.
  2. Mass uploads using the import and export buttons at the bottom of the inventory page.
  3. Using a purchase order.

This article will only cover the method of stocking your inventory using a purchase order.

Before you upload your inventory through a purchase order, you must first add every item you are going to stock to your catalog. For more on setting up a catalog, see How to Setup a Catalog.

Once all of your items are created in the catalog, download the catalog using the "Export" button at the bottom of the page. For more about importing and exporting, see How to: Import Data.

Each catalog item that is going to stocked needs to have its "Reorder Point" as a number greater than one. 

For an additional step, you can change the "Reorder Amount" value to the amount you have in your inventory. This is not required, but it will save you manually inputing your inventory counts on the Purchase Order screen.

After you have made these changes on your Catalog in spreadsheet form, convert it and import it to RepairQ using the method described in the article above.

When you start a new PO the "Reorder Required" tab will show any items where the Instock quantity is less than or equal to the Reorder Point.  If you set the Reorder Point greater than zero for all items you currently have in stock as instructed previously then you should see them below.  

To add all of these items to your PO at one time simply click the "select all" checkbox followed by the "Add all selected" button.  Then click on the "Item List" tab to see all of the items that have been added to your purchase order.

You can set the price and cost here, and also the amount you want to add if you did not set this already.

Click the "Item list" button above to see all the items added to your purchase order.

Follow the purchase order process to stock all the items to your inventory. An explanation of the process is available, see How Purchase Orders Work.

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