Reports: Pending Revenue and Tickets Unpaid

The Pending Revenue Report provides a summary of all tickets NOT in Closed status that have ticket items and payments recorded on them.

The Tickets Unpaid Report allows you to view a full list of any tickets with a balance due.

These reports are great tools for clearing up any tickets with payments owed to you and for closing out any tickets that have paid their balance due — ensuring the tickets have properly recorded for revenue and cost of goods (COGS) reporting, according to our Accounting Principles.

Additional Reporting Resources

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Viewing the Pending Revenue Report

1. On the Reports page, click the Accounting dropdown along the top row of report categories. From the available list, click Pending Revenue.



2. Use the filter to select any/all locations and click Apply Filters to run the report.



3. The report will include the total payments and payout amounts, the number of ticket items on these tickets, sales amounts for these tickets, discounts, and tax liability for these tickets.



Viewing the Tickets Unpaid Report

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Reports.



2. On the Reports page, click the Accounting dropdown along the top row of report categories. From the available list, click Tickets Unpaid.



3. Use the available filters to scope results based on the assigned parameters.



  • Date Range - Filter for a range of dates based on when the ticket was created.
  • Ticket Status - Filter for all tickets or tickets in specific statuses.
  • Location - Select the location(s) for tickets at specific stores.
  • Billing Agent - Select any/all applicable Billing Agents.


4. Once you have set your filters, click Apply Filters to run the report.



5. The report will include a list of all tickets with their current status, applied payments, and the balance due.



7. Uner the Ticket and Customer columns, you can click links to view the unpaid ticket and customer profile, respectively.



Note: We recommend opening the links in a new tab, so you don't have to run the report multiple times. Be sure to close all extra tabs before making changes in RepairQ.


6. On the upper-right corner of the page you will have the option to Export to Excel and Hide Filters. The export will include data matching your filtered results.




START 1.18.X

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