Inventory Transfers

To initiate an inventory transfer, a user logged in at the Requesting Location initiates a new PO, requesting items from the location that will be supplying the items. This is done by choosing "Internal" under the Supplier list, then choosing the appropriate location.



The "Inventory Transfers" page provides a list view of inventory transfers. This page will be blank unless an Inventory Transfer is created, and can only be accessed by managers.


The Inventory Transfer page is automatically sorted by ID number. You can sort by any of the table columns by clicking the column you would like to sort by.

View an Individual Transfer: To view an individual Inventory Transfer, click on the button with the magnifying glass icon in the Transfer's "Actions" column.

 Ship: Click on the button with the truck icon to ship an inventory transfer in the transfer's "Actions" button. This button will only be available if the transfer is coming from your location.

Filters: You can filter by a number of criteria: PO ID number, Location, Status, and Date Range. After desired filters have been entered, click the "Apply Filters" button to see your results. To clear previously applied filters, click the "Reset Filters" button. To hide the filters sidebar, click the button with the eye icon at the top of the filters sidebar. 

Ship View


To print this internal Purchase Order, click the "Print" button on the top right of the page. To cancel your progress, click the "Cancel" button. This action will take you to the Purchase Order view page for that Internal Purchase Order. The Order Date and Rush Order field will reflect what was entered in the receiving store's Purchase Order. Any notes the receiver attached to the Order can be viewed by clicking on the "Notes" button.

Creating Shipments

Enter the quantity you are preparing for shipment for each of the items in the list, and when ready to create a shipment, click on the "Create Shipment" button. This creates a new shipment and places you back on the "Ship" screen with the "Shipments" tab open. This tab lists all of the shipments created for the Inventory Transfer / Purchase Order, and from the list you can view individual shipment details, print packing slips, delete shipments, and advance a shipment to "shipped."

Only shipments in the "shipped" status will be available to the requesting location to receive.

You can advance a shipment to the "shipped" status by clicking the "mark as shipped" button (look for the road icon). 



Rejecting Items

If there are requested items the fulfilling/sending store does not want to ship, click the "Reject" button corresponding to the item you do not wish to send. This will set the remaining qty (not yet attached to a shipment) as "rejected."

All items requested on an internal transfer must be shipped or rejected before the transfer / purchase order can be closed.

Receiving Items

When shipments have been "shipped" by the store fulfilling the Internal Transfer / Purchase Order, then the receiving store can receive items against the shipped items. Receiving items from an internal transfer works the same way as receiving items on any purchase order.

Monitoring transfers from an Inventory Item perspective

You can view inventory items in the Transfer Process in the Inventory Details page.


Filtering for items in the Transfer Process will bring up items in "Pending Transfer" or "Pulled" status.


This will give you the ability to see items that are in the transfer process, and you can monitor the list for any items that get "stuck" (e.g. shipped but never received) so that corrections can be made accordingly.


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