Label Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

RepairQ offers you the ability to print off labels and other items through a label printer. Unfortunately, each label printer uses a very different driver and these drivers are often not configured to work with web applications.

The Dymo 450, Brother QL-700, and Zebra GK420D are the best label printers to use with RepairQ, since they works very well across multiple browsers, operating systems, an hardware settings. We recommend 4 inch labels. RepairQ is also compatible with 2 inch labels if those better fit your business.

Other RepairQ users have found success with other printers, and below are general tips that have helped users in the past print on their label printer.

General Tips

  • Prepare to print off multiple labels. Setting your label printer up will require trial and error, so buy extra labels for this process.
  • Check out this article to learn how to remove default headers and footers from labels.
  • Make sure the drivers on your label printer are up to date. 

Printer Drivers

Windows Printer Drivers

Brother Label Printers

Dymo Label Printers

Zebra GK420d -- Zebra GK420d Support Page

Dymo LabelWriter 450 -- Dymo LabelWriter 450 Support Page

Brother QL-700 -- Brother QL-700 Support Page


The first step is to decide what information we want to display on each of our label types in Location Settings -> Templates.






You can toggle on or off each of the available fields. You can also select the font size, and the style or size of the barcode that appears on the label. 

Inventory Labels will contain settings for both Catalog Item and Inventory Item Labels.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Label Troubleshooting


We can see from our original test print that our current configuration would be printed on multiple labels. We will have to navigate back to our settings and shrink the size of the font and/or barcode so that all ticket information prints on one label.


 We may also want to edit the browser print settings to fit our labels. For example, a Brother QL-700 Printer needs Landscape Layout, and Minimum margins.




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