How To: Add Services and Parts to a Ticket

As a tech, you may be required to add services and/or parts to a ticket as you make repairs. To do this you need to edit the ticket you are working on.


  1. Look up the ticket by the ticket number or the device serial number. See How To Lookup a Ticket
  2. Click the edit button to edit the ticket
  3. OPTIONAL: Click on the "Ticket Items" tab to focus on the ticket items section.
  4. Add ticket item(s) for the parts & services you need to add to the ticket
    • Look up the item to add or search for an item in the "Add Item" search box.
    • Click the "Add Item" button when you have selected the item you want
    • Quick Add: Scan or type the SKU or Serial Number of the item you want to add and press enter
  5. When you are done adding ticket items, click the "Save" button at the bottom
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