Checking for Items that Require Reordering

Alerts for Backordered and Low-Stock Items

The RepairQ Dashboard is an important tool for staff to receive important information at a glance.

Users with the Inventory Manager and/or Manager role assigned can view inventory alerts on the RepairQ homepage. Any items that are in Back Ordered status on a ticket or have fallen below their Reorder Point (ROP) will populate In the Alerts section.



1. Users can navigate to the homepage at any time by clicking the RepairQ logo (or your own logo) on the far-left side of the Navigation Bar.



Note: You can replace the RepairQ logo with your own branding by following this tutorial.


2. On the homepage, you can view any alerts, including items that require reorder. Click View Items to see a full list of items that are low stock or back ordered on a ticket.




Searching Inventory Summary for Backordered and Low-Stock Items

1. On the Navigation Bar, go to Inventory -> Inventory Summary.



2. On the Inventory Summary screen, use filters to set the Inventory Focus to Low Stock, then click Apply.





3. The results will list any items that are Back Ordered status or have fallen below their ROP. The columns on the Summary screen will provide additional information.



Reorder Notifications on Purchase Orders

When creating a new Purchase Order, RepairQ will also notify you of items that require reorder. These items are also triggered when they are back-ordered on tickets or have fallen below their ROP.


1. Begin the Purchase Order process. In the Add Items To The Purchase Order section, there is a tab labeled Reordered Required. This section gives you details about the catalog items, their current Instock status, Back Order (BO) Quantity, ROP, and Reorder Amounts (ROA).



If you have a large list of items, you can also filter by item type by clicking the Filter box and selecting the Item Type.



2. You can add these items to your purchase order by clicking the Add button on the right of the entry or add multiple items by checking the box next to the entry and clicking Add all selected.




START 1.18.X



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