How To: Check for items that require reordering

If you have the inventory manager role or manager role assigned then you will be able to view inventory alerts.


  1. Navigate to your Inventory Manager dashboard (the home page, click on the logo at the top left)
    1. Once on the homepage, if you have multiple roles you may need to switch dashboards
  2. Look for inventory alerts in the "Alerts" section
    1. If you have any items below your reorder points then an alert will show
    2. If you have any backordered items then an alert will show
  3. Click the "view items" button to view the items in your inventory that require reordering



When you get more comfortable working with the inventory page, you can also view all items that need reordering/stocking with filters.


  1. Check the "reorder required" filter in the sidebar
  2. Click apply
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