RepairQ Data Import Resources

Importing spreadsheets is an efficient way to add or update batches of records in RepairQ. Some Import functions insert new records, while other imports can update existing records. By default, only the Admin, Manager, and, in some cases, the Inventory Manager roles have the ability to import data into RepairQ.

Import Rules

  • Columns are matched by Header Name.
    • We recommend using the header names provided in the template, in order to successfully import the column values.
  • Any columns that are added are unrecognizable by the system and will be ignored.
    • Only the values you wish to add or update need to be present in the import file.
  • Accepted file formats are Excel (.xlsx), Comma-separated Values (.csv), and Tab-separated Values (.txt).
    • We recommend using .xlsx files for the best upload experience.


Import Tutorials and Resources

Staff Management: Importing and Exporting Staff Members

Customer Management: Importing Customer Data

Inventory Management: Importing Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Management: Adjusting Instock Inventory Levels via Import

Catalog Management: Importing Catalog Items

Catalog Management: Importing Location Overrides

Ticket Management: Importing Tickets

Purchase Orders: Importing and Exporting

Exporting Data in RepairQ


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