Closing a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT)

Reconciling a VCT

As a best practice, we recommend closing your VCT at the end of each business day to reconcile cash counts and audit for payment discrepancies. Employees with Shift Lead and Manager roles can open/close cash terminals. For more information about roles, see Adding Staff Members. This process should be performed on each computer/device that has a VCT paired to it.

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1. On the Navigation Bar, click on your location Short Name dropdown to show a list of options. From the list, click Close VCT.



2. Alternatively, you can also view your Terminal Management page by clicking on your VCT name, then clicking the Close VCT button under the Actions column.




3. On the Daily cash Register Reconciliation page, fill out the sheet for each category. The Balance section will update to show any variance as you enter amounts in the fields.


  • Bills/Coins - These sections are used for counting all cash denominations. Count and enter the number of bills/coins in your register. RepairQ will update the total amount of each when you click outside of the text box.
  • Checks - This section is used for listing each check you receive. There are fields for the name on the check, check number, and amount. Click Add Check to start a new row if you have multiple checks.
  • Credit Cards - This section is for listing the total amount of card transactions and the sum of all card totals. If you use Integrated Payments, this field should automatically populate with results.
  • Store Credits - This section is used for listing out store credits. You can list them individually by clicking Add Store Credit for a new row.
  • Other - This section is used for listing out any transactions that have a Payment Method classified as Other.

Note:  Some Payment Methods may not be available when closing. This is based on which methods were selected when opening the VCT.


4. The Totals section shows a breakdown of all transactions, including their Net Collected amounts, Counted Totals, and any variance (Over/Short). You can use this section for auditing any variances before closing the VCT.



5. Add any notes, if necessary, for any variances or reminders on this reconciliation.



6. When auditing any variances, you can reference the bottom tabs of the Reconciliation Report to view a list of Transactions, VCT Transfers, Integrated Payment Gateway transactions, and any Orphaned Gateway Transactions that have failed to attach to a ticket.



  • Transactions - This is a list of all transactions taken since opening the VCT. You can view payment methods, amounts for payments and tips (if you are using Square integrated payments), and links to the attached tickets.
  • Transfers - This is a list of all transfers to/from the VCT.
  • Gateway - This is a list of all integrated payments recorded in your payment processing gateway.
  • Orphaned Gateway Transactions - This is a list of all integrated payments recorded in your gateway but are not attached to a transaction. Please contact RepairQ Support for attaching orphaned transactions to tickets.


7. Once you have completed the Reconciliation Report, click Close VCT. Optionally, after submitting the report you can print out a copy for your records by clicking the Print button at the top right of the page.




Note: You can view past Reconciliation Reports in the Reports section of RepairQ.



START 1.18.X

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