How To: Cash Out Your Terminal

It is recommended to Cash Out/Close your VCT at the end of each business day to reconcile your cash counts and see any drawer discrepancies. To begin the Closing process, navigate to the Terminal Overview screen by clicking on your location name, and then "Close VCT" on the dropdown. This process will need to be performed for each device that has an assigned VCT.


Make sure to close each VCT on each computer/device that it was assigned to for payments.

    • Fill out the "Daily Cash Reconciliation" sheet that shows up.
      • Cash Denominations, Credit Card Totals (if unintegrated), Checks, and other forms of payment that were selected when opening the VCT. Clicking outside of each field will add that amount to the total.
    • Add any notes, if necessary, for any variances or reminders.
    • Click the "close" button when you are finished




OPTIONAL: Print the Reconciliation Report on the next page for internal records.

NOTE: Each Reconciliation report is saved in the system, so you can always go back and view it in the reports section.

OPTIONAL: View staff attendance for the day (only managers can do this) and correct any staff time entries

OPTIONAL: Print a Daily Report

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