How To: Open and close for the day

Only a Manager or a Shift Lead will be able to perform these steps.



  1. Login to RepairQ
  2. If you track your hours in RepairQ, clock in
  3. Assign a VCT (Virtual Cash Terminal) for each computer/device that you will accept payments on.
  4.  Do the following for each device:
    1. Login to RepairQ on the device
    2. Click the "Assign VCT" in the top-right


             3. Choose one of the terminals on the list and click "assign"


      1. Check all the payment methods you will accept on this VCT
      2. If you wish to reconcile all of your credit card transactions from this one terminal, click the correct boxes.
      3. If you enable "cash" then you must enter how much cash you have on hand (e.g. in the cash drawer)
      4. Click "start"


Navigate back to the terminal view screen. This screen will display all VCTs, when and by whom they were started. To De-Assign (or pause) a VCT, click on the button with the Pause icon. This will pause the VCT for later use. You will now be able to sign any available VCT to this computer.


Note: To view a VCT's current settings, click on the "View" button in the Actions column.


  1. Close the VCT (Virtual Cash Terminal) on each computer/device that you accept payments on.
    Do the following for each device:
    1. Login to RepairQ on the device
    2. Hover over the terminal name in the top-right
    3. Click on the "Close VCT" link
    4. Fill out the "Daily Cash Reconciliation" sheet that shows up
    5. Click the "close" button when you are finished
    6. OPTIONAL: Print the Reconciliation Report on the next page for internal records. NOTE: each Reconciliation report is saved in the system, so you can always go back and view it in the reports section.
  2. OPTIONAL: View staff attendance for the day (only managers can do this)
    1. Correct any staff time entries that look wrong for the day
  3. OPTIONAL: Print a daily report
    1. Navigate to your dashboard (click the logo in the top left)
    2. Click on the “Daily Report” section
    3. Select the current day (if not already selected)
    4. Click the print link on the report
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