How To: Process A Tradein

To start a tradein, you need to create a new tradein ticket. Tradein items will automatically become inventory items for resale or to use for parts.


  1. In the menu at the top, hover over tickets and click the "+Tradein" button
  2. OPTIONAL: Search for an existing customer to attach, or create a new customer on the spot
    1. You only need to put in the first and last name, and their primary phone # to save a new customer entry
  3. Add tradein item(s)
    1. Click the "Add Tradein Item" button
    2. This will open up the "Add Trade-In Item" form
    3. Enter the serial number (if the item has one)
      1. The system will check if the item already exists in your inventory (i.e. if you sold it to the customer, or if it is a stolen item)
    4. Enter the price you are paying for the item
    5. Select the item type
    6. Select the manufacturer
    7. Select the catalog item
    8. OPTIONAL: select the carrier
    9. Click "Add Item"
  4. Now enter some notes about the tradein item(s) (e.g. "working condition, run standard diagnostics and clean it up before resale")
  5. Click the "Continue button" at the top of the "Trade-In Items" section when you are done working with tradein items. This will update the balance due on the ticket.
  6. OPTIONAL: Add ticket items if you want to also sell items to the customer (e.g. a replacement phone) then type the item name in the "Add Ticket Item" box. (see How To: Sell Something to learn about adding ticket items)
  7. To close the ticket the balance remaining must be zero. Add transactions to bring the balance to zero. This may mean paying out to the customer, which the system will determine for you.
    1. Click the "Add transaction" button
    2. Select the payment method
    3. OPTIONAL: enter a ref # or note describing the transaction
    4. Enter the payment amount, or click "pay in full" to auto-fill the balance due
    5. Click "submit payment"
  8. Click the "close" button that shows up at the bottom right side of the screen
  9. OPTIONAL: print receipt for the customer
  10. OPTIONAL: print label for the device(s) on the ticket
When you close a tradein ticket it creates inventory items for all of the tradein items you added. The system also creates a refurb ticket for each of the devices you added so that you can keep a separate record of refurb process.
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