How To: Send an SMS notification to a customer

If you have a phone number entered for "SMS phone" and their carrier selected in "SMS Carrier" on the customer's record then you will be able to send an SMS text notification/alert from a repair ticket to update the customer on the repair progress.

To set up an SMS notification, go to Location Settings, then Communications, then Notifications. There, you can "Create Notification Automation" or edit a pre-existing SMS notification.


Once an SMS Notification is setup, you can send it within a ticket. To do this, click the SMS Notification button (the one with the bell icon) on the ticket view screen. 






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    Yazan Khayyat

    while i tried to add the notification option my repairq, so i found a (send to) field and though i wrote the parameter : {customer_pri_phone}.

    i still have nothing in action, my other question that if it will affect the service while we are in Sweden? note thet i tried to add the phone zip code as well, and it didn't help.


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    Renee Stelle


    You will need to sign up for an account with Twilio in order to send international SMS messages. You can learn more here

    I have emailed you this information via a Support ticket so feel free to follow up through that email.

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