Opening a Cash Drawer Automatically

Many printer and cash drawer setups give the opportunity for the cash drawer to open with a trigger from RepairQ. Setting this up will allow your cash drawer to automatically open when you print a receipt or when you hit the "No Sale" button.


RepairQ does not support any specific receipt printers, printers, or cash drawers. The signal that is sent by the software is universal, but we cannot guarantee it will work.

The most common configuration for this feature is a receipt printer hooked into the computer by USB cable. Then the cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer by a two wire connection (phone cable). This configuration often allows the drawer to be opened by the user.

If the feature is not working, we recommend double checking all of the different components to make sure they are working.

If you are a Windows user and you still have an issue, you can go to the printer properties under the Control Panel. Look for the option: "peripheral unit type" under the Device Settings and make sure it is set to cash drawer.


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