Prepaid Wireless Services Setup

Selling prepaid services provides an additional revenue stream for cell phone repair companies. RepairQ will help you track everything you need to regarding prepaid services.

Setting it Up


  1. Add “prepaid service” as an item type
  2. Add a catalog item for each activation and for each service refill you offer. For example
    1. Virgin Mobile Activation
      1. Name: Activation - Virgin Mobile
      3. Inventoried: NO
      4. Serialized: NO
      5. Price: [whatever you charge]
      6. Cost: [Price-Cost = Your Profit/Royalty, so set the cost accordingly]
    2. Virgin Mobile $35
      1. Name: Virgin Mobile Top-Up - $35
      2. SKU: TOPUP-VIRGIN-35
      3. Inventoried: NO
      4. Serialized: NO
      5. Price: $35
      6. Cost: [put whatever amount goes straight to the service provider. Price-Cost=YourRoyalties]

Charging for Activations and Refills


  1. Add activations and service refills as ticket items on a ticket (using the catalog items you setup earlier)
  2. When you would like to remind your customers to "come in to pay your bill" or "refill your service," generate a "Marketing List" report (navigate to reports > marketing > marketing list).
    1. Set the date range for your desired time-period
    2. Select the location(s)
    3. Select the catalog item you used for their prepaid service. e.g. Virgin Mobile Top-Up- $35
    4. Click "apply filter"
    5. Print out your list and call/email/text your customers accordingly

When you want to verify activation numbers with the service provider


  1. Generate a "Marketing List" report
  2. Set the date range for the desired time period
  3. Select the catalog item you used for the activations. e.g. Activation - Virgin Mobile
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