Tax Report

The Tax Report shows you your sales tax by Zipcode for a date range.

This report is ONLY for looking at total sales tax.

We strongly recommend you account for revenue based on closed tickets only, because once a ticket is closed the date will no longer change, and you know the ticket has been paid in full. We went so far as to make those the default filters for the reports, because we feel it is the most reliable method in this business model.


If a tax override was performed on a ticket, the Tax Report will report the ticket(s) separately, by using the customer zip code. If the customer does not have an address in their profile, the Zip field will be blank. In the example report below, a tax free customer bought an accessory at this location.

NOTE: Each Report can be downloaded by clicking the "To Excel" Button near the bottom of the page.

The download will consist of the information you have set through the filters.

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