RepairQ Setup Walkthrough

Onboarding Steps

  1. Getting Started with RepairQ
    1. Schedule a go-live date
      • Goal for when you'd like to start actively using RepairQ in your store.
    2. Plan whether to use RepairQ’s integrated payment processing.
      • Integration can help reduce time/overhead for reconciliation and transaction tracking in RepairQ but is certainly not required. Plus Bluefin offers a price match guarantee.
    3. Establish an understanding of the way RepairQ is designed
    4. Setup your Locations
      1. Your location name & contact information
      2. Your Sales/Use Tax Rate
      3. Your Overhead Expense Rate
        • Average hourly overhead of fixed costs used for profitability reporting.
      4. Your ticket status time limits
        • Time limits for each ticket status that will produce warning if exceeded.
    5. Develop your catalog
      1. Use our existing item types and/or add your own
        • In most cases the default types will work for your business
      2. Use our existing catalog items and/or add your own
        • In most cases, we already have all your parts items in the system. Most customers simply need to add labor items (depending how your business charges labor to customers) and possibly additional retail items.
    6. Add or Import additional data
      • Like a previous customer list.
  2. Management Training
    1. Verify that everything is setup properly to run your business.
    2. Watch this training video and contact us if more training assistance is needed.
  3. Staff Training
    1. Train employees on daily activities including logging in/out, switching users, clocking in/out, and managing customers, sales, and repairs.
    2. Watch this training video and contact us if more training assistance is needed.
  4. Pre-Launch
    1. Stock your current inventory levels from a purchase order or import.
    2. Create staff member users
    3. Clear out any test data
  5. Launch!
    1. Start you first day with live transactions.
    2. If you need assistance reviewing your setup prior to launch, don't hesitate to reach out to support.


Onboarding Assistance

Personal onboarding assistance is available to all new RepairQ users for the first 30 days of RepairQ subscription. If, at any time, you reach a point of concern or frustration, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team and schedule a one-on-one onboarding consultation with an onboarding specialist.

General Support

If you encounter any issues while using RepairQ click on the “Support & Feedback” button that hovers on the bottom left side of every screen. Give as much detail about what you did leading up to the issue, what behavior you experienced, and what behavior you expected. We monitor the support mailbox during regular business hours (9a to 5p CST/CDT, Monday through Friday) and will work with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


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