How to: Export Data in RepairQ

In RepairQ, managers can download export files from RepairQ as excel formatted spreadsheets. These excel exports are useful for maintaining records and quickly viewing details about your business. Everything from the tickets to inventory items can be exported. Many of the reports in RepairQ are also able to be exported.

Export data will be limited by any filters set for that list. Filters will be helpful in creating custom reports. It is also important to remember that large system exports can cause your RepairQ instance to slow down significantly. Large exports will take a long time to finish.

Whenever possible, use a smaller more specific export in favor of a large one. Exports that are considered too large usually span multiple locations and cover many catalog items. Use best judgement when deciding on reports to export.

To export data:

Look for the export buttons across RepairQ

Screen_Shot_2018-05-11_at_12.45.06_PM.png or Screen_Shot_2018-05-11_at_12.44.45_PM.png

These buttons are often seen at the top of the table or report being viewed. Occasionally these buttons will be at the bottom as well.

Exports available in RepairQ Reports:


  • Ticket Queue
  • Inventory List
  • Customer List
  • Customer Credit Transactions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Catalog Item List

Accounting Reports

  • Revenue Report
  • Cost of Goods Report
  • Cost of Service Report
  • Cost of Refurbishments Report
  • Wage Expense Report
  • Inventory Expense Report
  • Cash Flow Summary Report (Exports the Cash Flow Detail Report)
  • Cash Flow Detail Report
  • Tax Report
  • Tickets Unpaid Report
  • Summary Report

Sales Reports

  • Profitability by Item Report
  • Summary by Item Report (Exports the Details by Item Report)
  • Details by Item Report
  • Summary by Zipcode Report (Exports the Details by Zipcode Report)
  • Details by Zipcode Report
  • Summary by Staff Report (Exports the Details by Staff Report)
  • Details by Staff Report
  • Summary by Customer Report
  • Summary by Company Report
  • Summary by Referral Report
  • Summary by Device Report
  • Returns Summary Report (Exports the Returns Detail Report)
  • Returns Detail Report
  • Discounts Summary Report (Exports the Discounts Detail Report)
  • Discounts Details Report

Marketing Reports

  • Marketing List Report

Inventory Reports

  • Inventory Valuation Summary Report (Exports the Inventory Valuation Detail Report)
  • Inventory Valuation Detail Report
  • Inventory Orders Report
  • Tradein Report
  • Repair Device Report

For more detailed Inventory Exports, go to the Inventory Details page. 


Here you can filter for inventory in certain statuses or processes, as well as select serialized items to view serial numbers. Your export will depend on the filters selected.

Productivity Reports

  • Repairs by Device Report
  • Repairs by Tech Report
  • Repairs by Tech & Item Report
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