Backorders Via Internal Purchase Order

There is a new feature as of Release 1.6.1 that allows a store to initiate a back-order at the warehouse on an internal PO.  An internal PO is a purchase order requested store-to-store inside RepairQ.  Sometimes retail stores can order from each other (to track store-to-store transfers of inventory).  Other times stores may order from a central warehouse location that is setup in RepairQ.  Some locations may be treated like a warehouse and back-ordering may be desirable.  Other locations may not want to be treated like a warehouse so back-ordering is not desirable.  Therefore, we added a location setting that allows the administrator to enable this back-order feature on a location-by-location basis. NOTE: The setting is disabled by default.
  1. Under settings > locations > choose location > click to edit location.
  2. Scroll down and look for the back-order setting. (see image below)

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