Voiding Tickets

Voiding a ticket is more efficient than processing a return, as it will reverse any payments and move returned items back to their Instock status. A ticket can only be voided on the same business day as when the ticket was closed. Make sure you have an assigned VCT with appropriate Payment Methods in order to void a ticket.

Note: Tickets are locked for voiding on the next business day after closing a ticket.

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Voiding a Closed Ticket

1. Look up the ticket that you need to void.


2. On the Ticket View page, click the Void Button on the row of ticket actions.




3. This will reopen the ticket for you to review. The Void Ticket Items section will show items that will be refunded and returned back to inventory (if applicable), and the Transactions section will generate a pending payout based on the payment method(s) previously used.



4. Click the Void Button on the bottom-right of the screen to complete the process. This will take you to the ticket view screen, where you can print a receipt and add any additional notes. You can also verify that the ticket is now in Void status.


Note: Tickets in Void status do not contribute to profitability reporting; they exist for your historical records.








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