Sales Tax Override

There are times that a customer may be tax-exempt, have a reduced tax rate, or your area may have a tax-free holiday. Users can choose to override a customer's tax amount at the ticket level or by waiving taxes on specific ticket items.

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Tax Overrides at the Ticket Level

1. Start a new ticket and attach an existing customer or create a new Customer Profile.



2. After you have attached the customer to the ticket, their details will show under the Customer & billing Agent section. At the bottom of the customer's details, check the Tax Override box to allow for tax override, then in the Tax Percentage field, enter in the new tax rate for all items on the ticket.



3. When adding items to the ticket, the tax will change based on the percentage amount assigned in Customer Details.



Allow Tax Overrides For Line Items on a Ticket

1. To allow tax overrides for all locations, on the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview page, click Tickets on the left column of categories. From the dropdown, click General Settings.



Note: You can limit this option to specific locations by navigating to Location Settings -> Tickets -> General Settings.


3. On the Ticket General Settings page, toggle Enable taxable amount override on tickets to ON and click Save to submit your changes.



4. Create a ticket in RepairQ and attach a customer to the ticket, at your discretion.


5. Add a ticket item. On the item's line, click the Override Item (*) button.



6. On the Item Overrides pop-up, add the Taxable Amount. This is a dollar amount that will have taxes applied to it.

For example, if the customer is charged for taxes on $5 of the purchase, then you would enter "5" into the Taxable Amount Field. If no taxes are applied, then you would enter "0" in the field. Once you have entered the amount, click Save.



The line item on the ticket will reflect taxes based on the amount when applying the tax override.



Partial Tax Reduction

In this instance, you have a 10% tax rate for an item on your ticket. If the customer was responsible for paying the taxes on only $5 of the price, then you would type "5" in the taxable amount field. The tax rate of 10% will only apply to $5 of the item, so the tax will only be $0.50 for the line item.






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