How To: Edit Customer Information

1. Lookup the customer or in the customer view page click "Add New Customer".

2. To view the customer profile (which includes tickets, notes, transactions, and devices), click on the button with the magnifying glass icon.

In the customer profile page it is possible to add or edit credit transactions, or delete devices that have been attached to that customer through their ticket history.

In the Credit Transactions tab, there is a list of previous credits or debits, with more information about each, such as the date and time, the ticket the credit or debit is linked to, and the staff member that performed the credit or debit. 

The Balance Adjustment button will create a new debit or credit to the customer.


3. Click the "Edit" button that corresponds to the customer who's information needs to be updated.

4. Change the necessary information.

5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page to save the updates.

 To delete a customer profile, find that customer in the Customer View page and click the "Delete" button.


Note: In a Customer Profile page, there are quick links to start a quick sale, repair, or tradein for that customer.

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