Layaway and Waiting for Payment Ticket Statuses

Items can be put In Layaway easily in Repairq. Both Layaway and Waiting for Payment statuses require a customer profile to be attached to the ticket.

1. Process a Quick Sale Ticket (up to the payment form)

2. If there are any payments to apply now, apply them.

3. Click either "Layaway" or "Waiting for Payment", whichever suits your workflow.

Note: Clicking "Layaway" or "Waiting for Payment" performs a similar action to closing a ticket, and any inventoried items on the ticket will be removed from the inventory at this time.

4. When the time comes to take payment, look up the ticket.

5. Click on the "Edit" button, located at the top right of the ticket page.

6. Process payment like any sales ticket; you can either close the ticket, or put it back into Layaway or Waiting for Payment.

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