Ticket Queue

The Ticket Queue provides a list of ticket history.




The ticket queue is automatically sorted by ticket number. You may sort by any of the table's columns; for example, sort by date, or sort by status.

Ticket Toolbar- It is possible to start a Quick Sale, a Repair or a Tradein ticket from the Ticket Queue. Click on the plus-shaped icon near the top right of the Ticket Queue, and then choose whether you would like to stare a Quick Sale, Repair, or Trade-in.



Filters & Keywords- With RepairQ 1.17, you can now filter the Ticket Queue by applicable filters like Assignee, Billing Agent, Date Range, Location, Program, Status, Timer Status, Type, and Warranty Provider. You can also use keywords as search prompts for the ticket number, a client's name, a client's phone number, and more. You can also filter for tickets within a certain date range.

View- The view button adjusts how many tickets per page (20, 50, 100, 250) are viewed. Depending on the volume of tickets, there may be multiple pages. To navigate through pages, click the forward or backward buttons, or choose a page number from the drop down to go directly to that page. 


With RepairQ 1.17, Actions have been consolidated into an Action Menu for each ticket. To view Actions, click on the Action Menu to the right of the ticket you would like to work with.


To view more information about a ticket, click the magnifying glass icon in the ticket's Actions bar.


 To edit the ticket, click the button with the pencil icon.


 To begin a return, click on the button with the arrow icon.


To begin voiding the ticket click the button with the no icon.


If you have multiple locations, you can begin to transfer a ticket from one location to another by clicking on the truck icon.


To begin deleting the ticket, click on the button with the operator symbol.


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