Cash Transfers

It is possible to transfer cash between VCTs, or pull cash from a VCT in the scenarios that call for it (e.g. pulling cash to put into the safe, or paid outs to reimburse for services, supplies, etc). In the VCT section of the Navbar, click on "Cash Transfer".


Fill out all the necessary information. If you are tranfering cash to another assigned VCT, choose the VCT the cash is being transferred to in the "To Destination" field.


If you are sending the money to a non-VCT location, choose "Not A VCT" as the destination and note where the money is being sent in the Notes field.



Click "Transfer Cash" to confirm the transfer. Click "Close" at any time to end the transfer and navigate back to the previous page.


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    Derek Chenowith

    So what is the easiest way to get a detailed report of this info where it went how much and when money was transferred or moved because i have been able to get the xout amount in reconcile but nothing detailed just for it

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