Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) Cash Transfers

Performing a Cash Transfer

There may be scenarios that call for transferring cash out of your VCT  pulling cash to put into the safe or pulling cash for payouts to reimburse for services, supplies, etc. A user with the Shift Lead role, Manager role, or higher can transfer cash between VCTs or pull cash from a VCT.



1. Log into a computer with an assigned VCT. On the Navigation Bar, click your Location Short Name to expand a list of options. On the dropdown, click Cash Transfer.



2. On the Cash Transfer pop-up, fill out the necessary information including whether you are adding or removing funds from the VCT, the Amount, the Destination or Source, and any notes for the transfer.


  • Add/Remove - Select whether you are adding cash to this VCT or removing cash from this VCT.
  • Amount - Enter the amount that will be added to the VCT or subtracted from the VCT.
  • From Source/To Destination - Select the Source when adding cash to the VCT or the Destination if removing cash from the VCT. You can select another open VCT or Not a VCT if transferring with an outside source.
  • Notes - Add any additional notes to help log details about the transfer.

Note: Cash can only be transferred between VCTs when there is more than one VCT assigned to a computer.


3. Click Transfer Cash to confirm the transfer. A confirmation alert will notify you of the new cash balance of the VCT.




4.  When closing your VCT, any transfers will be recorded in the Transfers tab of the Reconciliation Report.




START 1.18.X

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    Derek Chenowith

    So what is the easiest way to get a detailed report of this info where it went how much and when money was transferred or moved because i have been able to get the xout amount in reconcile but nothing detailed just for it

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