The Dashboard loads when you first log in, and can be accessed any time by clicking on the RepairQ logo on the left side of the Navbar.

Daily Report: The Daily Report (accessible only by Managers) offers a quick look at today's business flow- today's sales and cash flow are reported on this page. Click on the button with the calendar icon to change the day the report is for. Click the "Print Results" button with the printer icon to print the selected day's Daily Report.

Select Dashboard Type: Managers can edit their dashboard view to mimic a certain role level with this dropdown box.

Announcements: Announcements will be displayed here

Ticket Progresses: This view shows the number of tickets currently in each status: Normal, Warning, and Critical. Clicking on the buttons will take you to the Ticket Queue, filtered by the status whose button was clicked.

Inventory Counts: The Inventory Counts field will allow managers to begin the process of either counting, reviewing, or reconciling Inventory Counts. Click on the appropriate buttons to begin each process.

Back-Ordered Items: Managers can see items that have fallen below their designated reorder points, or items that have been marked as Back-Ordered on a ticket. Managers can either view these items, or begin a new Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders in Progress: This view displays all Purchase Order that have not been reconciled. Managers can view an individual Purchase Order in detail, or edit a Purchase Order.

Financial Summary Report: Navigates to Summary Report page.

Target Marketing: Navigates to Marketing List By Customer Report page.

Check Your Margins: Navigates to Profitability by Item Type Report page.

See Your Cash Flow: Navigates to Cash Flow Summary Report page.

View Staff Timesheets: Navigates to Attendance Management page.

Quick Tutorials: Directs to the "Tutorials" folder on the knowledge base website.

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