Menu Item Bar

The Menu Item bar is located at the top of each page, just below the main Navbar.

Breadcrumb Links: Located on the left side of the Menu Item Bar are breadcrumb links, which follow the path to the page you are currently on. Clicking these links will take you back to that page.

Quick Search: This tool allows you to quickly and efficiently search for Tickets, Inventory, Customers and Billing Agents.

Tickets: Use the ticket search to jump to a particular ticket or quickly search the Ticket Queue for a list of matching tickets.

Entering a Ticket ID or scanning the barcode on a ticket label will navigate directly to the ticket view page for that ticket.

Alternatively, searching for a customer name, or device serial will navigate to the ticket queue filtered for matching tickets.

Inventory: Use the inventory search to jump to a particular inventory item or quickly search the Inventory Summary for a list of matching items.


Entering an item's serial number or scanning an item's serial number barcode will navigate directly to the inspect page for that inventory item.

Alternatively, searching for an item search key (for example item name), SKU, or UPC will navigate to the inventory summary page filtered for matching items.

Customers: Use the Customers search to jump to a particular customer record or quickly search the Customers page for matching customer records.


Entering a name, phone number, email, or loyalty ID, if exactly one customer record is found, RepairQ will navigate directly to that customer's account page.



Alternatively, if multiple records are found, RepairQ will navigate to the Customers page filtered for the searched criteria.


Billing Agents: Use the Billing Agent search to jump to a particular Billing Agent record or quickly search the Billing Agents page for matching Billing Agent records.


Billing Agent search capabilities include all customer search capabilities plus the option of searching for Billing Agent contact name information.

Advanced Search: Use the Advanced Search option to perform a more in-depth search for any of the above categories.


The advanced search leverages the same filters found on each of the respective categories' pages.


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