Purchase Orders- List View

The Purchase Order List View Page is accessed by clicking the "View Purchase Orders" button under the Inventory dropdown in the Navbar.



The Purchase Order List View is automatically sorted by PO Identification number. You can sort by any of the table columns by clicking on the one you would like to sort by. You can start a new Purchase Order by clicking on the "+" button on the top right of the page.

Filters: Filter to see Purchase Orders by ID number, supplier, Location, status, or date range. After applying necessary filters, click the "Apply" button to see the results. To clear filters, click the "Reset" button.


Use the "Options" button Screen_Shot_2020-04-27_at_9.32.38_AM.png to select more options, including View, Print, and Edit for your Purchase Orders.

Importing a Purchase Order: To import a Purchase Order, click on the "Options" button near the top right of the page, next to "+" then select "Import," and an "Import Purchase Order" option will appear at the bottom of your page.




Imported Purchase Orders must be imported as a tab delimited text file. For an template on proper formatting, click the "Purchase Order Import Template" button in the Import field. For more help importing data into RepairQ, check out How To: Import Data.

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