System Log

The System Log contains a log of all changes to tickets, customers, staff, inventory, and Purchase Order suppliers. The System Log can only be accessed by Shift Leads or Managers.

Link To Ticket: If a change was made to a ticket, RepairQ links to that ticket in the "Changed Item" field.

Link to Inventory Item/Purchase Order: If a change was made to an inventory item, RepairQ links to that item's inventory list in the "Changed Item" field. If that item deals with a Purchase Order, a link to that Purchase Order can also be seen in the "Changed Item" field.

Filters: The filters sidebar allows you to filter by multiple criteria: changed item type, by date changes, by staff member, and several others. After entering all desired filter criteria, click the "Apply Filters" button. Click "Reset Filters" to clear previously applied filter criteria. To hide the filters sidebar, click the button with the eye icon at the top of the filters sidebar.

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