Hiding Analytics on Tickets and Price Checks

Hiding the Cost of Items on Tickets and Price Checks

Admins have the ability to hide the Profitability Analytics section of tickets as well as the Cost section of the Price Check window when a Virtual Cash Terminal (VCT) is assigned to the computer.

By default, only a user with the Inventory Manager role or higher can view Cost details. This setting will allow these users to still see this information if there is no VCT assigned.



Below is an example of the Analytics section of tickets and the Cost column when doing a Price Check.




1. From the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



2. On the Settings Overview screen, all Settings are available on the left column. At the bottom of the list, click on Miscellaneous to expand the dropdown, and click Miscellaneous again.



3.  Under the Miscellaneous Applications Settings, find Show Cost On VCT.


  • Check the box to Show Cost when a VCT is assigned to a computer.
  • Uncheck the box to Hide Cost when a VCT is assigned to a computer. If a VCT is unassigned to the computer, Inventory Managers and above can see Analytics details on tickets and Cost on price checks.


4. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click Save Miscellaneous to submit the new settings.



5. If you Uncheck the box and then assign a VCT to a computer, the Cost column from the Price Check window and the Profitability Analytics section of tickets will be hidden from all users. If you de-assign a VCT, the information will be visible to Inventory Managers and higher.



Hide_Cost_8.png      Hide_Cost_0.png


START 1.18.X


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