Editing Ticket Items

After you have added an item to a ticket, there are several aspects of the item you can customize. 

Mark Item as Damaged/Defective: To mark an item as Damaged or Defective, click the button with the thumbs down icon.

Fill out the resulting form, marking the item as defective (initiating the RMA Process) or marking the item as Damaged.

Remove Item- To remove an item from a ticket click the button with the X icon.

Ticket Discount- This will discount every item in the ticket, either by a percentage or a dollar amount. This will apply the discount evenly among ticket items (for example, a 10% ticket discount will apply a 10% discount to each valid ticket item).

Ticket Item Note- Add notes to a ticket item.

Change Item Relation- Change this field to the associate who sold the item to give them credit for the sale. For Services, Labors, or Parts there will be other relations for the staff member who performed the Service/Labor, Working on a repair ticket will add a Relation to each ticket item, selecting the repair device the ticket item went towards. 

Change Item Quantity/Hours- Used for selling multiple of the same unserialized item, or for applying labor hours to a ticket.

Item Discount- Allows you to discount a single item, by either a percentage or dollar amount. Click the Edit button to begin entering the discount.

View Item in Inventory from Ticket- Click on the magnifying glass icon next to the Catalog Item field to see more information about the item, and to view it in inventory.

Enter Serial Number to sell inventory item- Serialized items will require a serial number before you are able to sell the item.

Attach item to part/labor- When a part or labor is added that has been marked at attachable, click the "Attach an Item" button located next to the "Remove Item" button to attach another item.




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