RepairQ makes it easy to attach special notes or instructions to tickets or Purchase Orders that need them. The Note field is located at the bottom of the ticket page, or accessed by clicking the "Notes" button on a Purchase Order page.

Enter the required notes into the text field. The buttons at the top allow for formatting the note, or inserting a link or image.

NOTE: You can only attach image URLs here; Local image files cannot be added. The best workflow to attach a local image is to upload that image to an image sharing website, then attach the resulting URL to the ticket note.

Select whether you would like the note printed on the receipt/invoice. You can also flag the note as important: this will make the note appear at the top of the ticket page. 

Click "Add Note" when ready to save the note.

To remove an existing note, click the "Delete Note" button that corresponds to the note you'd like to delete.

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