Ticket Properties

Ticket Properties allows users to add additional details to tickets. Properties can be used for classification in reporting, filtering your Ticket Queue, as well as working with custom forms, notifications, and approvals based on assigned properties. Users can assign the following properties to tickets:

  • Status -  change the status of the ticket.
  • Location -  change the current location of the ticket.
  • Assignee -  assign a staff member to this ticket.
  • Action -  make workflows more detailed by adding customizable actions.
  • Resolution - add a resolution to the ticket for reporting purposes.


Ticket Properties on New Repair Tickets

When creating a new Repair Ticket, ticket properties for Assignee, Action, and Resolution can be found along the top row of the ticket. 




Ticket Properties on Existing Tickets

1. Look up a ticket by searching on the main page of RepairQ or by searching your Ticket Queue.

2. On the Ticket View page, click the Properties Button (gear icon) on the upper right of the page.




3. Assign new ticket properties, and save your changes.




4. You can view the updated properties under the Summary section of the ticket. Below is a before and after comparison of changes.


Screenshot_2022-03-23_174903.png                    Screenshot_2022-03-23_175014.png




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