How To: Give a Technician Credit for a Service

When adding a item to a ticket, the Relations field controls which staff member receives credit for the sale.


If the Item Type of the attached item is a Labor, there will be two options in the Relations field: "Sold By" and "Repaired By".

The "Sold By" field is for the staff member who gets credit for the sale of this service. The staff member chosen in the "Sold By" field will reflect on the Staff Leaderboard and the Sales by Staff Summary and Detail Reports.


The "Repaired By" field is for the technician that will be performing this service. The hours logged will be multiplied by the "Repaired By" staff member's pay rate to calculate the Labor Cost. Labor Cost is best reflected in Cost of Services and Wage Expense Reports. Labor Cost can be toggled on or off on several other reports, such as Profitability and the Repairs by Tech and Repairs by Tech and Item reports. 

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