Warranties and Disclaimers

Warranties and Disclaimers are the best way to communicate the scope of rights and responsibilities of your business to a customer.



There are three major types of Warranties.Disclaimers in RepairQ: Global Warranties, Item Type Warranties, and Catalog Item Warranties. Warranties/Disclaimers will be attached to tickets when a item is added to the ticket that matches the item type and/or catalog item in the "Item Type" or "Catalog Item" fields.  If no item type is specified the warranty will be attached as a global warranty.


Global Warranty


Global Warranties are set by selecting Apply to All in the Item Type field. A Global Warranty will be placed on all tickets. 

You can select what order Warranties/Disclaimers are placed on the receipt or invoice by adjusting the Priority. Warranties/Disclaimers will appear in ascending order based on Priority. 

Item Type Warranty

When an Item Type is selected, but no Catalog Item is selected, all Catalog Items of that Item Type will have this Warranty/Disclaimer attached. In the example below, whenever a Tablet is added to a ticket, the following Warranty will appear.


Catalog Item Warranty

When a Catalog Item is selected, the warranty/disclaimer will only be shown when that catalog item is on a ticket. For larger messages, you can drag the Warranty Text dialogue box to fit the message by dragging the bottom right of the box out.

The example below also features a place for the customer to sign on the resulting receipt or invoice.





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