Creating Warranties and Disclaimers

Using Warranties/Disclaimers in RepairQ

Warranties and Disclaimers are the best way to communicate the scope of rights and responsibilities of your business to a customer on their receipts.

There are two types of Warranties/Disclaimers that can be created in RepairQ: Global and Item Type. Warranties/Disclaimers will be attached to tickets when an item is added to the ticket that matches the item type/manufacturer specified in the disclaimer settings. If no item type or catalog item is set, it will be attached as a global warranty.


Creating a New Warranty/Disclaimer

1. Log into RepairQ as an Admin. On the Navigation Bar, go to Settings -> Company Settings.



Note: A Location Admin can add a Warranty/Disclaimer by navigating to Location Settings.


2. On the Settings Overview page, click Tickets on the left column of categories. From the expanded dropdown selection, click Warranty/Disclaimer.



3. On the Warranties/Disclaimers page, click Add Warranty on the right side.



4. Fill out the Warranty/Disclaimer form, based on your preference.

  • Location - Select whether the disclaimer will be assigned to all locations or a specific location.
  • Ticket Types - Assign which Ticket Types will have this disclaimer attached.
  • Item Type - Select whether this disclaimer will be assigned to all types or to a specific Item Type.
  • Warranty Text - This is the content of your warranty/disclaimer. This information is defined by the user/company. Include any details regarding your policies that you would like to communicate to your customer.
  • Priority - Assign a number, beginning at zero, to rearrange the order of disclaimers on the overview list. A lower number will seat higher on the overview list.



5. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click Save.



6. When viewing your list of Warranties/Disclaimers, they can be edited or deleted by using the buttons under the Actions column, respectively.



Item Type Warranty/Disclaimer Example

Item Type Warranties are set by selecting a specific Item Type. All Catalog Items with this assigned Item Type will have this disclaimer attached. You can also apply a disclaimer based on the manufacturer of the product.



Global Warranty/Disclaimer Example

Global Warranties are set by selecting the field for Item Type: Apply To All.




START 1.18.X





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