Invoicing a Customer with Net Terms

 This feature is available to users on Advanced and Professional plans.

Any customer can be billed for batches of tickets with invoices.

The first step is to enter the customer's Invoice Settings in their customer profile (here's how to look up a customer.)

Click the Edit button for the customer to edit their information.


Billing options will be in the "Billing" tab of the Customer Edit page. A customer can only be invoiced if they have Billing Terms, and a Billing Cycle of at least one day. The Prefers Batch Invoices option toggles whether a single batch invoice will be sent by default when sending an invoice for the customer.


For more information on Billing Agents, check out this article.


Click the "Edit" button to save the changes made.  


Moving Tickets to Waiting for Payment

To add a ticket to an invoice, the ticket must be in Waiting for Payment status.

Quick Sale Ticket

To move a quick sale ticket to Waiting for Payment status, a customer must be attached to the ticket. No items need to be on the ticket for the ticket to be moved to Waiting for Payment status.

Repair Ticket

A repair ticket can be moved to Waiting for Payment status from Ready for Pickup status. 



Note: Like any ticket, deposits or down payments can be made, or discounts can be applied. Any payments or discounts will be reflected when creating an invoice that includes the ticket.


Once some tickets are in Waiting for Payment status, an Invoice can be created. Check out this article that walks through working with invoices


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