Warranty Repairs

This workflow will no longer be recognized as a best practice with the addition of Return Repair Tickets (RepairQ Version 1.7.3)

From time to time a customer returns with a damaged device that was previously repaired in your shop and is still under warranty.

1. Return the original repair, process refund using Store Credit

     a. Look up the ticket

     b. Start a return.


     c. Select the Service or Labor that is being returned. If a part was used that is faulty, return the part as well. Update the Status of the part appropriately (moving it to "Pending RMA" to begin the RMA Process or moving it to Damaged if the part was damaged in-house) to ensure proper inventory management. Once all the appropriate items are selected, hit the Continue button.


      d. Process a Payout transaction for the return. We recommend using Store Credit so payment on the Warranty repair ticket can be easily reconciled (remember to make Store Credit an acceptable tender type when assigning the VCT).

2. Process new repair ticket, using Store Credit issued as payment

    a. Create a new repair ticket, attaching the customer the return was issued for, and add all the necessary ticket items.

     b. Reconcile the balance on this ticket with the Store Credit issued (following the same procedure used to issue the credit). 

     c. Close the ticket.

     Optional: Add a note to the ticket labeled "Warranty Repair", and linking the original ticket. Do the same on the original ticket, linking the new Warranty Repair ticket.


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